about patriot surveying

Patriot Surveying & Infrastructure is a surveyor owned and operated business based out of Mooresville, North Carolina with regional offices in Arundel, Maine, Woodstock, Georgia, and Coastal Carolina. Founded by Eric Cooke, PLS, Patriot Surveying strives to be a trustworthy and dependable employee owned business.

Patriot Surveying focuses on being results-driven and solutions oriented. With decades of industry experience across a wide array of markets, Patriot Survey strives to serve every client with the utmost accuracy and responsibility.

our values and mission

Patriot Surveying strives to uphold our following values:


Responsiveness and Efficient Communication


High quality work without exception


Cost effective solutions for every business and industry

our regional teams

Mooresville, North Carolina
132 Joe Knox Avenue, Suite 111
Mooresville, NC 28117

The Leadership Team

eric f. cooke, pls

With over 20 years of surveying experience serving as the Principal-in-charge for several design, engineering, and construction firms, Eric Cooke decided to expand his industry expertise to creating his own firm, Patriot Surveying & Infrastructure, PLLC.

James Kennedy

Senior utility manager
James Kennedy has over 30 years of experience in the Surveying and Subsurface Utility Engineering industry. His experience includes both office & field, utility design, test holes, locating, supervising in the water, sewer, gas, electric, and communications areas.

travis chaffee

senior Project Manager
Travis Chaffee brings over 15 years of management experience, with an emphasis on the natural gas industry, from design to construction support. Travis focuses on employee growth at all levels and manages through example.

Josh Key

Utility services coordinator
Josh Key brings 10 years of experience and a strong, diverse background in survey and SUE. Mr. Key's licenses and certifications include Nassco CCTV, NC UAV pilots license, and PNG locating certificate.
woodstock, georgia
205 Creekstone Ridge
Woodstock, GA 30188

The Leadership Team

Michael G. High, PLS

Senior vice president
Michael High brings over 20 years of Land Surveying Management experience, in commercial development, construction support projects, ALTA surveys, DOT projects, electrical projects, natural gas pipeline route surveys, as-builts, and residential development projects.

Kevin humble, sit

Project Manager
Kevin Humble has 25 years of experience in land surveying. across construction layout, utility route surveys, site development, roadway projects and civil design projects. Kevin also brings expertise in managing various aspects of SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) mapping projects. This includes levels C, B and A and GPR Raptor scans for route projects.
arundel, maine
9 Old Sawmill Lane, Suite 3
Arundel, ME 04046

The Leadership Team

Scot A. Macdonald, PLS

Senior vice president
Scot MacDonald has over 30 years of survey experience. He has brought his expertise to projects ranging from heavy civil construction, transportation, large scale residential and commercial development, natural gas infrastructure, electric transmission infrastructure, to renewable energy.

matt plante, pls

Senior Project Manager
Matt Plante brings over 16 years of experience. Matt is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in multiple states, with a focus on supporting overhead and underground electrical transmissions projects for electric utilities, renewable energy development, and natural gas transportation.

maurice clark

Senior Project Manager
Maurice Clark brings over 20 years of experience from engineering firms and regional utilities gaining experience on as-built, boundary, construction support and existing conditions surveys. Maurice has deep expertise with managing DOT projects, SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) mapping projects, construction support and as-built surveys.

Andrew strout, pls

senior geospatial manager
Andrew Strout has over 15 years of experience providing GIS and Land Surveying services. Andrew integrates GIS solutionsseamlessly into land surveying workflows, leveraging his proficiency in databases,programming, and mobile data collection techniques.

connor hill, pls

project manager
Connor Hill has 5 years of experience and is among the youngest individuals with multi-state licensure in the US. Connor has experience with boundary and subdivision surveys, construction layout surveys, and projects in natural gas, electric transmission, and renewable energy.
coastal carolina

The Leadership Team

andy eades, pls

Senior vice president
Andy Eades has over 32 years of experience. Andy has worked at a variety of engineering firms, utility companies, construction companies, and developers primarily in the southeast. His responsibilities range from project management on all levels to land records research, field reconnaissance and location, data management and survey calculations and boundary analysis.
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