Patriot Surveying & Infrastructure services a wide array of industries and markets and possesses the know-how to cater to each unique need and regulations that the industry requires.

With extensive experience across these markets, Patriot Surveying is able to bring the same perspective of cost effective and timely solutions to any project, regardless of industry.

Our range of markets

Natural gas
Patriot’s experience in the natural gas industry allows the company to provide maximum accuracy in pipeline surveying, while utilizing the newest and best technology for the market.
- Route selection
- Construction layout
- Terrestrial laser scanning (HDS scanning) and modeling
- Materials tracking
- GIS data analysis and management
- UAS mapping
Power Generation & Transmission
By working closely with electrical engineers, Patriot Surveying supports the power generation industry with careful inspection of conductor surveying, utilizing LiDAR and photogrammetric mapping services.
- Preliminary route and centerline survey
- HDS laser scanning of substations and control buildings
- Procurement and management of LiDAR and photogrammetric mapping services
- Encroachment assessment and quantification
- ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys in support of project financing
- Existing conditions surveys
- GIS data management and integration
- Subsurface utility location
heavy civil construction
By building a team with expertise from the construction industry, Patriot Surveying assists the heavy civil construction industry with precision and accuracy and cost effective support from project inception to complete project execution.
- Estimate Takeoff & Quantity Determination
- Pre-Construction Field Verification of Existing Conditions
- Mass Haul Calculations
- Machine Control Modeling and consulting
- UAS Drone Services: Volumetric Monitoring & Progress
- High Density Scanning (HDS)
- Design Build Survey Support
- Construction Inspection
Modernization of today’s vast infrastructure requires the  technical expertise, timely solution solving and high-tech design capabilities that Patriot Surveying is able to offer to the traffic, water, wastewater and airport industries.
- Right of way retracement
- HDS terrestrial laser scanning and 3D modeling of bridges and other transportation structures
- Quantity Verification for Planning & Payment
- Construction Staking—Site, Structural, Subsurface
- GIS data analysis and management
- Railroad right of way retracement and existing conditions surveys
site development
Patriot’s wide range of capabilities and services in the surveying and mapping of site developments serve as our foundation for a responsive, quick and accurate support to a site development project from start to finish.
- Boundary, Topographic & Existing Conditions Surveys
- LiDAR & Aerial Photography & Mapping
- ALTA/NSPS Surveys for Commercial Properties
- Due Diligence Services & Viability Studies
- Verification / As-built for Utility Tie-Ins
- Incremental and stock-pile Volume Determinations
- UAS Drone Services—Volumetric Monitoring & Progress
- Construction Staking—Site, Structural, Subsurface
- Subsidence/Movement/Surcharge Monitoring
- Quantity Verification for Planning & Payment
renewable energy
As the renewable energy sector continues to expand and grow, Patriot Surveying is ready and eager to support new renewable energy projects with proper survey, engineering design and construction support.
- UAS based LiDAR data and aerial imagery collection
- Property boundary, easement, transmission line right of way
- ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
- Subsurface utility location
- GIS supported site identification and suitability assessment
- Construction support, Post construction as built documentation
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